Peas vegetable

Peas — a vegetable that can help control diabetes because carbohydrates pea, and composed of glucose and fructose from falling even without the help of insulin directly into the blood.

The name in Latin: Pisum sativum.

Title in English: Pea.

It belongs to the family: Bean — Fabaceae.

The applied part of the structure of peas: seed grass.

Botanical characteristics: pea — a one-year grass with rather weak climbing stems. Pea leaves are pinnate branching at the ends of his mustache, with their help, they cling to the growing number of plants. Stipules very large. The flowers are pea — are papilionaceous corolla. The hallmark of a pea flower is trehreberny column with a small groove at the bottom and top of the hairs.

Peas vegetable

Peas vegetable

Habitat: The wild species of pea increases in the Mediterranean area, Tibet, India and later spread from there to Europe. Peas are known to man, and for many millennia. Even in the excavation are the seeds of peas, peas belong to the early Stone Age and Bronze Age.

The active ingredients of peas: a protein that is part of peas, the contents of some amino acids (eg cystine, lysine, metiotsina, etc.), there is a similarity with the protein of meat, peas, they average 26-27%. In peas as contained starch, fat, fiber, enzymes, vitamins A, C, B1, B2, PP, salt, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron. A lot of peas contains folic acid. Pea — its useful properties, as well as the use of peas in the home. The value of peas in the content of many nutrients, it is one of the most perfect food.

Peas are used to control diabetes, peas indispensable to support a healthy heart, because in peas is low in fat (there is a class where it is not at all), no cholesterol, and sodium, there are fibers by which cholesterol is reduced.

Peas vegetable

Peas vegetable

Green peas its nutritional value per 100 grams:

Energy value of sweet pea 81 kcal 339 kJ

Protein — 5.46 grams

Fat — 0.44 g

Carbohydrates — 14.5

gdisaccharide — 5.7 g

Retinol (vitamin A) — 38 mcg

β-carotene — 449 mcg

Thiamine (vitamin B1) — 0.31 mg

Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) — 0.12 mg

Niacin (B3) — 2.15 mg

Pantothenic acid (B5) — 0.12 mg

Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) — 0.21 mg

Folacin (B9) — 65 mg

Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) — 40.34 mg

Calcium — 25.3 mgIron — 1.5 mg

Magnesium — 33.7 mg

Phosphorus — 108,3 mg

Potassium — 244,5 mg

Zinc — 1.2 mg

Peas vegetable

Peas vegetable

The composition of pea and useful properties of peas. Peas — a vegetable that is an important source of protein, amino acids in the diets of vegetarians and people who suffer from lack of meat and dairy products. Peas valuable vitamins C, PP, E, Group B, carotene and minerals: phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron. Pea has high nutritional value, the human body is capable of providing energy in severe physical, mental work and in situations of psycho-emotional tension.

Peas vegetable

Peas vegetable

Contraindications peas.Peas can not be used in such cases, acute nephritis, gout, acute diseases of the digestive system, and chronic circulatory failure.Pea recipes, a list:

• Sugar peas with smoked

• Lean pea soup

• Pea jelly

• Cream of pea with croutons

• Pea soup with mushrooms

• Sugar peas

• Soup with peas and noodles

• pea cutlets

• Recipe peas in tomato sauce

• Porridge pea-buckwheat (Hernetatrapuder)

• Milk soup with peas and pearl barley

• Legs pork with peas

• Cream soup of peas and corn

• Carrot with peas in German

• Dhokola (bread made from pea flour)

• Couscous with vegetables, peas and chicken

• Pea Kuleshik

• Pea soup with cucumber

• Braised peas with carrots

• pies with peas

• Rice with peas

• Salad of peas and beans

• Pea soup with cheese and cream

• Pea soup is a double

• Kostroma barley porridge with peas

• Cream of pea

• Homa — the pea fritters

• Pancakes from pea flour

• Mushrooms stewed with potatoes and peas

• Tomato-pea sauce

• Soup of the young pigeons with peas

• A thick pea soup

• pea soup recipe for Mongolian

• Recipe for pea soup with pasta

• Recipe for pea soup of the XIX century

• Recipe for pea soup with peanuts (Acute)

• Recipe for pea soup (foamy)

• pea soup recipe with bacon

• Recipe for pea soup «with a tail»

• Recipe for pea soup (with milk)

• Recipe for Pea Soup (Spicy)

• Recipe for pea soup (Dutch)

• Recipe for pea soup with egg barley

• pea soup recipe with apples

• Recipe for pea soup with mushrooms

• Recipe for pea soup dumplings

• Recipe for pea soup with lamb

• Recipe for pea soup with smoked goose or duck

• Recipe for pea soup with dumplings of dough

Seeds of pea

Peas vegetable

Peas vegetable


Homeland peas — West Asia and North Africa. During the excavation of an ancient settlement in Switzerland, found the seeds of peas, the period of the Stone Age. In Russia, in the cities of V-VII centuries found the seeds of peas.Peas — «Green» vitamin.Now it is easy to buy seeds of peas. Pea seeds germinate in fact all over the world, many people know how high nutritional value, the usefulness of peas. Green peas — a lot of vegetable protein, and there are starch, sugar and minerals.Sow the seeds of peas.Pea seeds are very fond of moisture and are not afraid of light frosts (up to -6 ° C), it can sow the seeds of pea early enough. Pea seeds are prepared for planting in late April, but snow cover is gone. Because at that time the land is impregnated with moisture. If the water is small, have sown the seeds of peas into the wells in advance of the bay water. Observing the wet conditions, pea seeds will quickly sprout.


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