Pumpkin vegetablePumpkin — refers to vegetables

By — Latin name: Cucurbita

By — English title: Rumpkin

Belongs to the family: Cucurbitaceae

Used in everyday life of the pumpkin: All the fruit in general, seeds, and sometimes peel.

Botanical description: Few people know that pumpkin refers to herbs. Or rather, to annual grasses, but some varieties are perennial. Pumpkin growing, clinging to the branches of the substrate, or curled on the ground. This plant has a large enough pieces of the blades of green or brown — green.

Unisexual flowers sitting several pieces, usually white. Plants monoecious. The flowers can be beams, or sit poodinoko. Flowers pumpkins may be not only white but yellow, depending on the type and form of the plant.

Flowering: end of August.

The fruit of pumpkin: melon, solid meaty body. Melon can be quite large. It is paved with large swellings. Inside the pumpkin seeds are white or yellow in color. These seeds are edible and are frequently used as food.Pumpkin vegetable

Habitat: This plant has more than 20 species. Many species are grown for a long time in the cultural sector in Africa are found growing wild gourds. As well, there are a lot of wild plants in Asia and South America. Decorative gourds called curly, they are usually used to decorate buildings and fences, and sometimes food. Advantageously, the pumpkin grows in very hot areas. It is grown, farmers in Central and Eastern Europe as well as America.

The constituent elements of the pumpkin.

The structure of the pumpkin fruit includes many vitamins, macro and micro elements. In the pulp of the pumpkin is rich in vitamin A and C. They are very positive effect on the human body.

Practical use.

Pumpkin has a lot of varieties and species. Some of them are edible, but can be consumed only after prior processing, for example, can be baked pumpkin or jam prepared from it. Some nations have their own specialties of pumpkins, it is boiled and served at the banquet table.

Pumpkin is very useful for baby food, doctors, it is intended for people who are dieting, or for patients. Sometimes pumpkin make porridge, which is recommended by doctors as a particularly valuable food product.

Good to use a pumpkin for a variety of salads and side dishes.

In the old Russian cuisine there are so many delicious dishes that are made from pumpkins. There are lots of pumpkin fillings, such as pumpkin pie, which is eaten all around the world.

Besides, everyone knows how to use pumpkin at Halloween time. Pumpkin is one of the most famous symbols of the holiday. In the pumpkin candle stick and cut out different stuffed.

Decorative pumpkins used to decorate the suburban areas, fences and fences. Pumpkin cut special shapes that adorn the house and different rooms.

Pumpkin seeds are also edible. In order to be eaten, they need to be dried in the sun. After drying, they can be salt. Thus, these seeds can be stored for a long time and eaten throughout the year, even in winter.

Pumpkin seeds have a lot of nutrients that are beneficial to the human body.

Some countries have special exotic dishes from the rind of the pumpkin. In the U.S. and some countries in South America have competition in throwing pumpkins.

Pumpkin is used to feed animals.

Benefits of Pumpkin: This product is very useful, as celiacs and for patients. Of the product perform a lot of jewelry. Pumpkin fruit contains a lot of vitamins and mineral substances. \

The harm of the pumpkin: Pumpkin has a lot of pulp, which can serve as storage of nitrate and hazardous chemicals that can poison the human body, receiving a pumpkin into the food.

Pumpkin seeds can take a variety of diseases that people can get sick.

Varieties of pumpkin: pumpkin Figolistaya — its leaves resemble the leaves of palm trees. These leaves are large, up to 40 cm in length and thickness. This pumpkin has black seeds and sweet pulp. She has a pleasant scent that reminds melon flavor.

Smelly pumpkin — it is grown in North America, it is big enough it stems up to 10 m in height. She has dark — green fleshy leaves. The fruit has a very bitter.

Cooking pumpkin — very often grown in suburban areas and gardens. Its characteristic is creeping stems and large enough fruits yellow with white seeds that can be eaten.Pumpkin vegetable

There are so many varieties of pumpkin shaped, which is used for the decoration of houses, fences, farm buildings and fences.

A lot of farming in South America plantation grown pumpkins. They are used for food, as well as sold in stores.

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