Steamed vegetable recipes

Steamed vegetable recipesSteamed vegetable recipes — more than a multifaceted concept. Options steamed vegetable recipes and useful this technique slimming great variety, just remember the vegetable soup diet on the basis of which is represented on our pages with full description of the menu. Today we continue the theme — steamed vegetable recipes for weight loss deserves close attention from your side.
Menu steamed vegetable recipes
Steamed vegetable recipes, menu, which we offer, prescribes eat daily at least one and a half kilograms of vegetables, such as:
sweet pepper
green peas
Onions and green onions
You can eat 4-6 times a day in small portions. Of vegetables are allowed to prepare not only steamed vegetable recipes and salads, but also juices. Salt is recommended to limit or completely excluded from the diet. Addition to the menu twice a week may be low-fat dairy products (yogurt, yogurt, cottage cheese, milk). Daily recommended to enter into the diet of corn or oats.
You can drink non-carbonated mineral or table water, vegetable juices with no salt, as well as green or herbal tea without sugar (not forbidden to add a slice of lemon drink).

Steamed vegetable recipes for a week
We offer you a steamed vegetable recipes, the duration of which does not exceed seven days, but they manage to significantly correct figure.
Option number 1 steamed vegetable recipes
Breakfast: oatmeal or cereal, yogurt uploaded, as well as on a fine grater grated fresh carrots
Lunch: lettuce or cucumber
Lunch: slice of rye bread and a couple of boiled potatoes and collecting vegetable salad dressed with lemon juice and vegetable oil
Snack: pepper (preferably red)
Dinner: collecting vegetable salad dressed with lemon juice and a small amount of vegetable oil
Steamed vegetable recipes — Option number 2
Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese — 125 g, and toast — 2 pcs., Vegetable salad and unsweetened tea
Lunch: green vegetables (bell pepper, cucumber) and a pair of any fruit
Lunch: first meal of vegetables (you can cook hodgepodge, vegetable soup, vegetable soup and so on.), As well as a piece of lean meat on the grill (sometimes it can be replaced by the liver), vegetable salad and a couple of tablespoons of green peas
Dinner: yogurt, toast, low-fat cottage cheese — 125 g, any vegetables and fruits couple
Menu vegetable diet in any of the proposed embodiments may be used longer than a week, but in this case stands on vegetables lose weight, not more than 1-2 times a year.
Steamed vegetable recipes
Recommend a special diet to include vegetable salad, diet resulting sparkle with new flavors and did not lose.
Assorted vegetables under oriental sauce steamed vegetable recipes
Carrots — 1 pc.
Zucchini — 1 pc.
Celery stalks — 2 pcs.
Leeks — 1 stalk
Ginger root — a thin slice
Soy sauce — 2 tablespoons
Lemon peel — ½ tsp
Lemon juice — 2 tbsp
Coriander — 1 tbsp
Ground black pepper
Carrots and zucchini are boiled and cut into strips. Ginger and leek finely chopped celery cut. Vegetables stirred deep dish. Ginger, soy sauce, lemon juice and zest, too mixed, but in a separate bowl. The dish is charged with the sauce, flavored with salt and pepper to taste and sprinkle with finely chopped cilantro.
Steamed vegetable recipes and vegetable stew
If fresh vegetables can not afford your stomach, wonderful output will be a vegetable stew. Cook stew stands without frying ingredients. The main components of meals can be carrots, zucchini, tomatoes, onions, cabbage (cabbage, cauliflower) and bell peppers and potatoes (at a minimum).
Prepared vegetables are cut, folded into a thick-walled bowl, lightly prisalivaem, add a small amount of water and send it in the oven. Optionally, you can use a small amount of vegetable oil.
As you can see, steamed vegetable recipes provides ample opportunity for fantasy. Experiment dietary cook dishes of vegetables and lose weight for your health!

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