Vegetable seeds

Vegetable seedsBefore sowing and wires be sprouting, vegetable seeds must be decontaminated. Techniques accelerate the germination of seeds in order to get an earlier harvest much. This is the old fashioned way — soaking in plain water. Moreover, for each crop must withstand a certain time at a liquid temperature of 20-25 C and water is changed twice per day. In addition, for each culture has its own temporary exhibition: for parsley, parsnips, fennel, sorrel soaking for two days (48 hours); tomato, lettuce, beet — 24 hours; cucurbits (cucumbers, zucchini, squash, melons), crucifers (radish, cabbage, radish and mustard) — 12 hours. Soak ends when the sprout is not less than 3-5% of the seeds.
Potassium permanganate soaking use is not recommended, as it inhibits germination.
After soaking vegetable seeds dried to flowability and then seeded. Receiving soaking accelerates the germination of 5-6 days. Recall that the swollen vegetable seeds can not be sown in dry soil. The soil should be shed on the grooves before sowing.
As for vegetable seeds of legumes — beans, peas, vegetable, they should not be soaked, and it is better to sow in moist soil humidification bed. It should be recalled that if incipiently germinating vegetable seeds to sow, and the weather is established after sowing unfavorable, the seed sprouts may die from rotting or young immature seedlings come under freezing. Therefore it is necessary to sow so as to avoid the return of frost, which is necessary to know planting dates for each crop.
To get the early cold-resistant crops guaranteed shoots — cabbage, carrots, parsnips, parsley, onion for a week ahead of time, their vegetable seeds yaroviziruyut. First, they should be soaked in a small amount of water, and 5% naklevyvanii film placed in the basement on ice for at least 10 days. Vegetable seeds early cabbage and onions for obtaining Seva avoid bolting vernalized impossible.
When grown in the greenhouse cucumbers vegetable seeds are germinated in water, and tomatoes in a 5% salt solution.
These cultures also developed reception quenching. The essence of it is that the swollen vegetable seeds Cucumber alternately exposed heat (18-20 ° C) for 4-7 days, 6 hours, and cold — at + 2 ° C for 18 hours. Vegetable seeds, hardening the past, can be sown under cover film for a few days earlier than usual. In this case, vegetable seeds begin to germinate at lower temperatures, and the harvest ripens earlier.
To speed up the seeds they need to wake up to the time of sowing handle growth regulators: IAA, succinic acid, Novosil, Appin, et al., And the need to strictly maintain the recommended exposure.
Among the new products can be applied album, which includes the waste products of beneficial bacteria that live on the roots, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, magnesium and analogue geteroauk Sina.
Albite accelerates the growth of the roots, gently heals injuries vegetable seeds during transportation, packaging and storage. The album is very easy to use. 50 ml of water was added 2 drops Albit vegetable seeds and maintained for 30 min.

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